Abayudaya Women's Association (AWA) Goat Project - Uganda
Jan 8 to Jun 1, 2014
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The Abayudaya Women's Association (A.W.A.) is a women's group within the Abayudaya (Jewish) community in Uganda. One of the association's objectives is to empower women economically and socially. They hold conferences two to three times a year, bringing together members from the different Abayudaya villages to stay connected across the miles, share common concerns, teach each other, and meet with resource people; these conferences are supported by Kulanu donors.

In January 2014, Kulanu President Harriet Bograd held a proposal-writing workshop for the entire Abayudaya community during the Kulanu Mitzvah Trip to Uganda. A.W.A. members brought their first draft of a proposal for a goat-rearing project to this workshop, and with Kulanu's help the proposal was revised and then completed at the next A.W.A. conference. Kulanu submitted the final grant proposal to Ruth Wolman, who approved a $5,000.00 grant from the Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation for the goat project, which included related training and supervision. Many thanks to Ruth and her family's foundation!

With this funding the group was able to purchase 90 goats and distribute them among the eight Abayudaya villages. This project is a pass-on project where each participant passes on newborn female kids to others, helping create sustainability throughout the community as a whole.

Norah Nantabo, president of the A.W.A., took photos while distributing the goats to different Abayudaya community members and shared them with Kulanu. Nantabo wrote, "On behalf of A.W.A, I am happy to report that the distribution process was very successfully carried out and the beneficiaries were very happy. Two mamas from Namutumba and Nasenyi expressed their happiness by carrying their goats and hugging them. One of the mamas who had just finished surgery and a widow said this project had come at the right time when she required economic recovery. She believes the goat she got will uplift her economically."

To learn more about the A.W.A., the Abayudaya community, and other Abayudaya projects please visit their page on the Kulanu web site: www.kulanu.org/abayudaya